Family Circle Care pride ourselves in acknowledging the fact that our service is only as good as the people in it. Our Team consists of care workers, managers, administration and more. All of whom form a passionate team of professionals with one aim. The aim to provide the best service possible to our clients/service users and to continue to progress, improve and implement the quality service we provide.


Meet The Team


Debbie Dubickas

The Founder, Debbie Dubickas

Debbie Dubickas set up Family Circle Care in September 2000 with the aim of providing quality care to everyone that needed it, ranging from birth to old age. Within the first few years, the Company diversified into more care at home services in line with the Lord Sutherland Report announcing free personal care to many.

Debbie relocated with her family to the USA in 2010 and left Murdo Stevenson to lead the business.   Debbie followed a new career in Clinical Hypnotherapy in Florida opening her Tampa practice in 2011. Her day at home in Tampa starts at 6am calling into Family Circles ensuring the business has the financial support and business guidance to continue in providing the quality of care set out in 2000.  She regularly attends in person quarterly meetings to remain up to date with progression and demands on the business.



Finance Director, Murdo Stevenson

Murdo joined Debbie at Family Circle Care in 2002 as her replacement in the payrol/accounting role within the Company. Debbie and Murdo dedicated their time and effort into growing the business. Murdo’s role evolved into being the Finance Director and the “behind the scenes” eyes of the business ensuring the systems in place were implemented. In 2010 as Debbie relocated to the USA, Murdo took charge/responsibility of every aspect of the business ensuring the relevant team players were in place. From delivering care staff to service users homes, ensuring profitability, overseeing the scheduling of visits and being the stability platform for the business, he continues to be a major asset within the Team. 


Service Manager, Sonia McRorie-Smith

Sonia joined the Team as Head of Services in 2018 bringing with her a wealth of skills and experience within the care sector field. Undoubtedly her expertise within the policies, procedures and legalities of providing a quality care at home service has enabled the Team to feel confident in the support she offers them. Working closely with business improvements, Sonia continues to work with the whole team on various levels. From regular monthly one to one meetings with Debbie, Weekly catch ups with Murdo and ongoing hands-on support with HR, Team Leaders and Administrators, Sonia continues to work on systems to improve communication, training and the implementation of care at home services. Moving forward, Sonia’s focus is on quality assurance and audits as well as dealing with any concerns and complaints that may arise.


Human Resources, Anne Nicholson

Anne joined the Team in 2008 as a Care Co-ordinator and proved to be an all rounder. Her kind and compassionate way with people easily turned Anne into an “approachable magnet”. Having spent many years working within other care businesses, Anne’s knowledge proved to be better placed in the running of the office. In 2012 Anne moved to a more supporting role as Assistant Care Manager enabling Anne to deal more with the service users, care workers and other care professionals. Within no time, Anne was actively out in the field monitoring, managing concerns and compliance within the business as well as monitoring the care at home bookings team. During the time of Debbie’s absence, Anne stepped into the Service Manager role working closely with Murdo. In 2019  with the imminent growth within the business, Anne decided to utilise her strengths and chose to work more in the Human Resource and Training position within the business. She continues today to offer support in all capacities to every role within the business yet her focus is on the recruitment and training of our care staff.


Administrator, Shirley Laing

Shirley has worked in many roles within the care sector starting her career as a care coordinator rising to senior coordinator having the responsibility for managing team leaders and care workers. Shirley clearly understands the stress and pressure it takes in effectively providing a quality care service. Shirley’s main role within Family Circle Care is to ensure the start up of all new packages and maintain the quality of care in place. Shirley works closely with Sonia, Anne and Murdo to ensure that her Team have all the support they need in doing what is required of them. With her positive outlook and professionalism, she is a keen and valuable player in the continual growth in care at home packages.


Juls Middlemiss

Juls joined the Team in 2015 bringing with her a wealth of administrative experience. As part of our growing Team, Juls is the “go to” member for IT and administrative questions and tasks. Currently doing her SVQ Level 3 in Social Care, she spends time working as a community carer, administrator and attending service user case conferences. All in all, an “all rounder” growing with the needs of the business. Juls works closely with Shirley, Team Leaders and Care Workers to ensure the efficient delivery of care as well as taking her turn taking the On Call.


Team Leaders

We have several Team Leaders in place responsible for various sectors within Edinburgh. Each sector has their own team of care workers assigned to various runs.



We provide SVQ Training in Health and Social Care through external providers along with our Moving and Handling and Specialised Training.